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Wakefield MDC CCTV Control Room

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Wakefield MDC Control RoomProject

Wakefield MDC CCTV Control Room.


Thin Mullion LCD ‘VES’

Display Wall

Operator Console

Raised Supervisor position

The Brief

Due to the required relocation of the Wakefield MDC CCTV control room there was the opportunity for Intech to work closely with the council’s representatives and develop a design that met their exact operational requirements. Once the design had been agreed with the council the tender was released for bidding.

How we met the challenge

With our approved design in hand Intech were in a position to offer their solutions to the system integrators bidding for the project. Upon completion of the tender reviews the project was awarded to QSG.

During the manufacture and installation process Intech worked closely with both the contractor and the council. As a result a state of the art, custom made control room has been designed and built, with the added benefit of a large amount of potential for future expansion. The current design has the ability to add additional operators during emergencies, and if the control room operations expand the design has also allowed for additional consoles to be included without any disruption to current working conditions.

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