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University of Cambridge’s Alarm Receiving Centre (BS 5979)



Full design, project management and fit out package including:
VES Monitor Wall
Operator and Review consoles
Kitchen area and storage
Building works
Lighting and electrical services
Suspended Ceiling
Decoration and flooring
UPS and generator
Fire Alarm System
Intruder and access control

The Brief

The University of Cambridge required a complete refurbishment of their security control centre. The specifications included building work to extend the existing space, a new kitchen facility, upgrading of the washroom, renovation of the supervisors office and construction of the control room which was required to meet the highest security rating available (BS 5979:2007). From the competitive tender process Intech were awarded the project.

How we met the Challenge

The project presented two major challenges, the new control centre was to be built within a listed building and the existing security services needed to be kept fully operational. With experience overcoming these potential problems at Harrods CMS and Oxford University  Intech were able to create a workable solution.

A innovative, curved design security control console was developed for use by two operators and a supervisor. The console allows the supervisor to have line of sight between the monitor wall, operators and the console monitors. Intech also supplied matching storage cabinets and drawers all with integrated cable management.

In addition to the design, manufacture and installation of the furniture, Intech project managed the full design and build of the Alarm Receiving Centre. Our installation team completed the flooring, decorating, suspended ceiling and furniture in the kitchen and storage areas and other specialist contractors were hired to ensure all elements of the room met the BS 5979 standard for Alarm Receiving Centres.

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