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Terminal 5 Control Rooms

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London Heathrow, Terminal 5


Transport interchange control room

– 6 control consoles

Major incident control room

– 3 control consoles

Terminal 5 is possibly one of the busiest buildings in the world.  As well as taking one of the 250 flights that leave the terminal each day passengers can also visit over 100 shops, bars and restaurants.

The responsibility for the safety and security of all these passengers as well as the staff falls to BAA’s security team who are based in the brand new transport interchange room.

Intech were pleased to be awarded the job of creating the control room for up to 9 operators and worked closely with their client; Ultra Electronic Airport Systems, and their appointed human factor consultant; Human Engineering, to ensure specifications were met.

In addition to the security duties staff in the control room are also responsible for maintaining the various electronic signage that helps the passengers find their destination in the vast terminal building. The design of the room enabled this aspect of the operators role.

Intech have also been working for a number of years with the Metropolitan Police’s Operational Technical Support Unit to design and install control rooms.  Based at Terminals 1 to 4 these have included individual police control rooms as well as control rooms for the immigration control areas.  Similar projects were also undertaken at the International Terminal at Waterloo.

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