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CCTV Control Rooms


Total Control Room Solutions

  • State of Qatar
    Bespoke technical furniture
    Full turnkey package
  • EnigmaEnigma Alarm Receiving Centre
    Bespoke technical furniture, Lighting rafts, UPS and generator, Carpeting, Decoration, Full turnkey package
  • Imperial War MuseumImperial War Museum
    Full design and fit out package including: Two operator control desks, Supervisors console, Ancillary furniture
  • SandwellSandwell Homes
    Full design, project management and fit out package: 3x V.E.S Monitor Walls, 4x Control Consoles, Lighting Rafts, Lighting, Electrical services, Raised Floor, Fire Alarm system, Intruder and access control, Air Conditioning System, Decoration and flooring.
  • NLC Control RoomNorth Lanarkshire Council CCTV
    Full design, project management and fit out package: Technical Furniture, Building Works, Suspended Ceilings, Electrical Services, Air Conditioning, Full Decoration, Floor Covering, UPS and Generators, Mechanical Services
  • University of Cambridge Alarm Receiving Centre
    Full design, project management and fit out package including: VES Monitor Wall, Operator and Review consoles, Kitchen area and storage, Building works, Lighting, Electrical services, Suspended Ceiling, Decoration,  Floorin, UPS and generator, Fire Alarm System, Intruder and access control


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