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North Lanarkshire Council CCTV

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NLC Control RoomProject

North Lanarkshire Council CCTV


Full design, project management and fit out package:

Technical Furniture
Building Works
Suspended Ceilings
Electrical Services
Air Conditioning
Full Decoration
Floor Covering
UPS and Generators
Mechanical Services

The Brief

North Lanarkshire council is the fourth largest local authority in Scotland, serving a population of approximately 330,000 and has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. However it became apparent that the council had outgrown the capacity of the current system which was situated in several remote locations. A strategic plan was devised to further enhance the monitoring of the CCTV system.

It was decided that in order to serve the public more efficiently and effectively the monitoring should be centralised in a dedicated self-contained control centre. Not only would this help fight crime in the area it would also make North Lanarkshire a friendlier and safer place to live, work or visit.

How we met the Challenge

Intech were successful in winning the tender for the opportunity to help on this project and Peter Booth, MD, with over 30 years experience in the field produced a unique conceptual design, with a total solution for the project consisting of a full build, project management and fit-out of the new facility.

Intech worked closely with Scotsfield Fire and Security, Wallace Whittle and the client. Together they were able to produce a full working control centre that incorporates innovative technology with the use of rear projection screens, making it more flexible and easier to use.

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