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Bolton NCP Control Room


Bespoke technical furniture including

– Operator and supervisor consoles

– VES monitor wall.

– Meeting Tables

– Storage Units

– Lighting Rafts

– Branding on VES monitor wall.

The new 24/7 multi-storey car park in Bolton is a joint project between NCP and Bolton Council. A CCTV control room was to be located on the top floor of the new building. The client required monitoring of Bolton town centre, Farnworth and eight industrial estates on the outskirts of town. This equates to around 225 cameras in the town area and 80 on the industrial estates. The project was put out to tender by Quadrant Security Group and Intech’s bid was successful.

Bolton Council required the CCTV room to have space for 16 personnel as well as being future proof in terms of space for new monitors and consoles. Intech met this challenge by creating a VES with panels that can be easily removed, revealing expansion space that allows for the installation of a further two security console consoles, identical in style to the originals.

Apart from the layout and the furniture Intech also designed and installed the lighting system including bespoke lighting rafts. The system allows several levels of lighting; blue up lighting for enhancing the working environment, individual task lights with personal under desk dimmer control and full main lights for non-operating times or maintenance work. The lighting conditions were described by one visitor as the best they had seen in a room without any natural light.

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