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GMPTE Urban Traffic Control Centre

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Manchester Urban Traffic Control Centre


Bespoke Technical Furniture

Lighting Rafts

Internal Fit-Out and Decoration

Smart-Glass Partition

The Brief

GMPTE required a new high spec traffic control room with the special consideration that the finished room may expand or even re-locate within three years.

How we met the challenge

Intech were able to offer a full range of specialist services to fulfil the client’s demanding specification. In addition to the bespoke technical furniture we provided ceilings, innovative lighting rafts, air conditioning and raised computer floors with high wear anti-static carpetting. A “softer” feel to the room was enabled using planting features, wall lighting and prints.

A major incident command room was also created adjacent to the control room with a “Smart Glass” partition that provides an opaque wall which can be made transparent at the flick of a switch. This allows the commanders to view the operation in the control room whilst at the same time remaining at arms length; enabling the supervisor to micro-manage the incident. All the standard partitioning and door were also fitted by Intech along with fire doors where appropriate in areas such as the server room.

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