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Jamahiriya Museum

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ProjectJamahiriya Musuem

The Jamahiriya Musuem CCTV Control Room, Tripoli


Full design and fit out package including:

Display wall

Control Console

The Jamahiriya Museum in the heart of Tripoli is an excellent museum in all respects. Both the exhibits and the presentation make this one of the finest museums in the world.

Having originally been introduced to the security installation company through providing the control room consoles, Intech were able to offer a full turnkey package for the entire room. All of the materials where shipped from the UK and Intech sent their installation team to complete the fit out. The fit out consistied of suspended ceiling, electrics, carpeting, decorating and all associated furniture. From start to completion the installation team were on site for just four weeks.

Once the project was handed over and approved by UNESCO, Intech where then given the opportunity to design twenty guesthouse control rooms. Each of the control consoles would oversee the security for luxury Government villas based in Tripoli. The main problem arose when the handover date was issued, giving a complete turnaround time from the design stage to completion of 8 weeks prior to any designs being issued. On completion and approval of the designs Intech had three weeks to manufacture all twenty control consoles leaving sufficient time for all goods to be shipped and installed within the allocated time frame.

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