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VSG Alarm Receiving Centre

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VSG Alarm Receiving centre and operations room.


Two six operator consoles

Rear supervisor console

Monitor Wall

The VSG Monitoring Facility is accredited to NSI Gold Cat II ARC standards – and is a unique compliment to any systems installation.

This facility, based at their Northampton Headquarters, is a totally secure base. Packed with the latest server technology, backup and recording systems and DSL connectivity, it’s the ultimate tool for 24/7 monitored security.

Staffed by dedicated personnel, it provides its clients with the peace of mind that they have their interests under surveillance at all times.

With the monitoring facility having been designed using years of security experience, it is fast becoming recognised as one the best of its kind. It is able to deliver an outstanding service with a range of bespoke solutions to suit any business or budget.

The control room offers the latest in technology and is designed to facilitate the operator’s smooth running of the necessary operations. The design has maximised the space on offer whilst complying with the necessary legislation that governs control room design.

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