Imperial War Museum

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Imperial War Museum CCTV control room


Full design and fit out package including:

Two operator control desks

Supervisors console

Ancillary furniture

The Brief

The Imperial War Museum’s main collection is situated in the Waterloo district of London and houses a priceless collection of artefacts from many conflicts over the years.

Security for the site and the safety of the 850,000 visitors a year is the number one concern for the management team so last year they invested in a new security system and control room refurbishment.

The previous control room was installed by Intech Furniture in 1997 but was designed for only 1-2 operators using CRT monitors.

How we met the challenge

As the responsibilities of the security team had grown since then so had the space required. The new design needed to accomodate more staff and incorporate modern TFT screens.

The whole room was also in need of an overhaul so Intech were delighted when the museum turned to their expertise to design the layout and refurbish the area. The room was an unusual shape but it lent itself to the classic design of a 2 operator front desk with a single operator supervisor desk to the rear, all in front of a TFT style monitor wall.